4 Reasons Why Toys-R-Us is Shutting Down

We all know the once major company whether we have any kids or not. Toys-R-Us the store that you dreaded to walk into with any drool ridden toddler is finally shutting down and here our are top 4 reasons why this is happening according to average man.


1. Prices


I come from experience when I can say how expensive Toys-R-Us is. It’s ridiculous how overpriced their merchandise was compared to other retailers. There’s nothing worse then going in there with a kid for their birthday after already promising them that they can pick an item out and it blowing a hole through the wallet. Then you’re either stuck eating air sandwiches til next paycheck or with a kid having a meltdown. Wonder which choice you would make?

Moving on…

2. Price Matching? Only When We Feel Like It.


In the proverbial game of chess that businesses seem to play good ole Toys-R-Us was lacking on one pretty crucial policy. What policy you might ask? The price match policy. Many businesses and online businesses offer the cliche price match policy. Some businesses even offering you a discount if you were to find something that beats their own prices. Toys-R-Us only offered the price match around the holiday season which is really no surprise with their overpriced goods.

3. Advertisements


Throughout the year we have many advertisements for very many companies shoved down our throats whether it be through YouTube or through your television. But once again Toys-R-Us, the people who want to ironically over charge for their products didn’t want to spend the money to make commercials but on the holiday season. In fact their very last commercial used old footage. Yep, that’s right they didn’t even pay to film for it but for the last 10 seconds of the commercial. Marketing brilliance? Or pure laziness? I think it answers for itself.

4. The Mascot


Formerly known as “Dr. G. Raffe” (yes apparently he had a Degree) Geoffrey the giraffe made millions of kids think about and want to buy toys, right? Riiiight?! NO! I don’t understand why they used a giraffe as their mascot when they could have used I don’t know a teddy bear or something that was actually toy related. But someone, somewhere once upon a time said hey, I like giraffes guys. Then poof out came Dr. G. Raffe. He wasn’t even enjoyable in any of the commercials or anything.


In short I’m not really sad that Toys-R-Us is shutting down. Sure I can remember all the good times spent in their as a child getting yelled at for wanting everything that covered the walls and floors in that god forsaken store. But it is time for Toys-R-Us to move on to corporate heaven/hell where Dr. G. Raffe can roam free and be in peace.


This article uses facts and opinions from the author. Please leave your comments whether negative or positive and if you enjoyed it please subscribe or follow on Facebook.

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