School “Walk-outs”

The Men and Women, wait let me rephrase that.

Boys and Girls, ahem, kids.

Because that’s what they are, that were a munching on tide pods have now become political experts to the point where they want to abolish the 2nd Amendment. And while they do have the right to preform a “walk-out” (which most schools allowed, oohhhh so rebellious!) I don’t necessarily agree with their focus on banning guns and getting more gun laws vs oh I don’t know, like memorializing the 17 that were lost in the most recent shooting.

We live in a world today where artificial lemons are used in lemonade but real lemons are used in cleaning chemicals. It’s a twisted world full of false views. It’s sad where this walk-out could have actually been a meaningful thing towards the families of victims of the tragedy that occurred but instead it turned into the governments agenda.

Now riddle me this. How many times have you heard of countries banning guns? I can think of a big one. Hitler had banned firearms before the holocaust. I’m not saying that we’d have an event similar to that if it happened to us but it seems likely and at the least we’d spiral into a civil war before they were actually banned.

I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be a few stricter gun laws in some states because there should be. But a huge problem is the fact that kids get away with too much these days. They’ve become entitled brats who thinks the world owes them something or they think that they’re special because mommy and daddy told them they were growing up while never disciplining them. I for one got my ass whooped growing up and I’d like to think I turned out just fine.

In closing, I believe the kids that walked out did the right things for the wrong reasons and need to get their heads out of their asses. But that’s just my opinion and lets be honest, my opinion really doesn’t mean much and I’m sure there are tons who will disagree with me but that’s ok. Here’s some tweets from average men and women on the subject.


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