The Truth about Saint Paddy’s Day

I figured that since today is Saint Patrick’s day and everyone is out drinking green beer and eating corned beef that we’d delve a little deeper into this Irish holiday.


I’m guilty of it, I see this day as an excuse to go out and drink up all the food colored green beer and stuff my face full of cabbage and corn beef and wear the most obnoxious green clothes that I have available. I’d say most people view the holiday but here are some facts to lay down about this commercialized holiday for public drinking .

Let’s start with Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick was born into a wealthy British family. British? Yeah he wasn’t even Irish. At the ripe age of 16 he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and forced into slavery. He slaved as a shepherd for 6 years in Ireland where he ended up “Finding God”. Saint Patrick claims that God told him to flee from his slavery to the coast and that there’d be a ship to take him home, and there was. He ended up returning to Ireland to convert the country into Christianity and to force out the Druids which was metaphorically turned into Saint Patrick driving out the snakes of Ireland.


Now where does the green come from that everyone packs on to their bodies and into them through green beer and food? Well when Saint Patrick would teach Christianity he would use a 3-leaved clover to represent the trinity of Christianity. Many depictions of Saint Patrick have him holding a cross in one hand and in the other a sprig of shamrocks. It is thought that the color green that we all wear today for this holiday came from the color of the shamrocks.

So while you’re all out drinking your green beer and eating your corned beef just remember that it really has nothing to do with Saint Patrick and is just a commercialized holiday to sell merchandise and increase alcohol sales. There are some that celebrate the holiday for what it is, most notably in Ireland of course but there’s others who will spend the day putting themselves into a drunken coma. Be safe tonight and don’t drink and drive.

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