Being the Modern Father

In this day and age parenting as a father is a lot different then it used to be when I was growing up. Between the amount of technology that exists and all the things that people think of as morally wrong, things have changed tremendously. Just juggling work and home-life can be a challenge without having kids but with them it adds an extra layer. So today we’ll talk about what it’s like to be the modern father.

First off, I work a 2nd shift job. which means I leave in the late afternoons and don’t get off work til around 10 at night or so. I also work on the weekends and on holidays. I’d easily say that these are the average hours that people work these days without a degree or whatnot. But with this kind of schedule the only time I get to see my kids are in the morning and on my 2 off days a week. It really doesn’t leave much time to see my kids and will get even worse whenever they start school. So for those that take a day job for granted, don’t.


Then there’s all this technology these days. Never did I imagine that my almost 3 year old would be watching “YouTube Kids” on a tablet but he does. And I’m honestly not sure how I feel about him being able to do that already but surprisingly he learns from it and it isn’t like half the garbage that airs for children these days. They’ll go over their numbers and colors on their and he has seemed to benefit quite well from it.

In this lovely world that we live in today things as simple as letting your kid play outside alone could get the police called on you and you’ll have DCS knocking at your door (give or take I wont let my 3 year old play alone outside anyways) Or another thing, how do you punish your kids these days. The “New” thing seems to be just to simply “talk” to your kids whenever they do something wrong and not really punish them. I know when I was growing up I got my butt whooped if I did something wrong. While it is legal to spank your kids it seems to be frowned upon and yes I do spank my kids because that’s how they’ll learn. That and time-out are effective but you actually have to go through with it and not give them time-out  for 2 seconds or so like I’ve seen people do. But another important thing is to let your kids be kids. They’re gonna run around and act crazy, that’s what kids do, that doesn’t mean that they need to be medicated or go to therapy or anything like that.

20151002_200430 (1)

Day in and day out, I wake up to my children around 7 in the morning, spend time with them until I have to go to work or until they have to go to the baby sitter because their mother works too, because in the world we live in today you can’t afford to live without both parents working. Then when I get home from work they’re already in bed, I don’t get to tuck my kids in every night or read them their bed time stories or kiss them goodnight. Instead when I get home I’ll make my rounds and check on them, settle down and get ready for bed which I’ll do around 1 in the morning  and then do it all over again the next day.


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