About Us

My name is Chris Erwin and I’m a full-time Supervisor at a Maximum Security prison as well as a full-time father and husband. I’m just your average man, work my job to come home to my wife and kids, exhausted and depleted from the daily struggles of a young mans life. I’m also the founder of Average Men and hope to see it grow not only as a source of information but as a community.

Many people like the ideals and opinions of celebrities and that of politicians or other famous figures. Well the thing with coming from that type of lifestyle is that you’re not really so “average.” Why should you follow advice or gather opinions from someone who really hasn’t been where you are? They don’t know you, or the struggles that you endure day in and day out. Yet people hold onto their words like gold and if they start wearing a grandma sweater then by golly you’ll see little Susie down the street wearing a grandma sweater.

So What I’m here to say is stop! And…..

Start getting advice from your Average Men or Women. Here at Average Men we aim to take the stories from those in the community and even those from outside of the community and publish them so that you may get the views and opinions from the people that you’re around on a day to day basis, we look forward to doing video interviews with people on the streets down the road and look to grow as a whole. Don’t be afraid to comment on an article here disagreeing with it, I encourage it, that’s life, that’s average. We’re not all gonna have the same views on things.

Thank you for reading the About section of Average Men. I hope you take the time to read the articles on the site and to become a part of the community.



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